I am truly honored today to share with all of you today my interview with New York Times bestselling author SQuire Rushnell! He and his wife Louise DuArt are the writers behind the popular Godwinks book series, which have spiritually impacted and awakened many as they hear the Lord speak intimately to their heart in a "Godwink" moment!

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Have you ever reached the end of a road and wondered, which way do I turn? These Godwink stories give us a sense of direction that others have found in their own lives, and I hope their journey's, hopes, struggles, and perseverance inspire you - in your day to day life. One of these treasured stories is coming to life on screen this Holiday season in a Hallmark movie, "A Godwink Christmas!"

In my interview with writer and executive producer, SQuire Rushnell, we discuss behind-the-scenes details on the cast and story of "A Godwink Christmas," plus the possibility of more "Godwink" stories becoming Hallmark movies - in the future!

It was a true privilege to have this opportunity to talk with SQuire, and I sincerely hope you will enjoy our *chat* below...



SQuire Rushnell

"A Godwink Christmas"


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Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: Welcome, SQuire, to It’s a Wonderful Movie – where we talk about Family-Friendly & Faith-Based Movies on TV! It is an honor to speak to you! I am so happy you will have a Christmas movie this upcoming season on Hallmark! (I’m sure many “Godwink” moments led to this!) Please briefly share with us the storyline behind “A Godwink Christmas.”

SQuire Rushnell: As Christmas approaches, Paula (Sustad), a St. Louis antique appraiser, reluctantly accepts a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Daniel (Giles Panton, Chesapeake Shores), a career-focused attorney. When her Aunt Jane (Gifford) senses she has mixed emotions over the engagement, she invites Paula to her Nantucket home. Upon her arrival, Paula plans a trip to the nearby island of Martha's Vineyard where she meets Gery (Campbell), a charming inn owner. When foggy weather prevents her from departing, Paula ends up staying at Gery's inn and enjoying local holiday festivities alongside him. They begin to have feelings for each other, but when the weather clears up, they part ways and Paula returns to Nantucket. Sensing she's fallen for Gery, Aunt Jane shares with Paula her belief that their meeting was God's way of "winking" at her to help determine which direction her life should take. When Daniel surprises her by spontaneously arriving in Nantucket, Paula decides to move forward with their marriage plans. But back in St. Louis, Daniel soon returns to his all-business ways and a fed-up Paula finally realizes they're not compatible. When Jane invites her back to Nantucket for Christmas, Paula accepts, unaware that Jane has devised a plan to bring her and Gery together.

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Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: I love the story of how “Godwink” came into being! Please share this with my readers and how it is now a regularly used word in our dictionaries and everyday vernacular.

SQuire Rushnell: “Godwink” is a new word in the language, filling the vacancy for a “coincidence that isn’t.” Instead, we innately know that these experiences … which usually begin with our saying “wow”… come from a divine source.

When I ran Good Morning America I would hear reporters begin stories with the words “ironically” or “coincidentally” to describe something astonishing. I began a quest to determine if there was more to “coincidence” than meets the eye. I discovered that all through the Bible there are divinely aligned circumstances that are more than coincidence. The term “Godwink” was coined in my first book, When God Winks, to describe the phenomenon. But my readers took it another step. They led us to understand that “Godwink” fills another vacancy in the language … there is no word for “answered prayer.” Godwink now has two meanings in the dictionary.

In my view, Godwinks are gifts left on everyone’s doorstep. It’s the job of each of us to help others to open the door and open your gift. You’ll soon discover that Godwinks are one of His most profound ways of letting you know that you are highly valued and never alone.

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Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: Since the movie, “A Godwink Christmas,” is based on one of the true-life stories from your “Godwink” books, I must ask, where do you find all these amazing, inspirational stories?

SQuire Rushnell: Godwink Stories are sent to us through our daily gathering of over 275,000 fans Godwinks fans on Facebook or sent to http://www.godwinks.com/. Usually people share their own stories with us, but sometimes they send stories they’ve seen or heard somewhere.

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Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: From following your books over the years, I know your faith is an integral role in your lives. Do you have a favorite scripture- an inspirational, encouraging verse that always uplifts your spirit?

SQuire Rushnell: Proverbs 3:6 pretty well sums up the biblical definition of a Godwink:

“In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.”

image: MyBible.com

Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: Have you ever had a Godwink moment in your own life?

SQuire Rushnell: Louise and I experience Godwinks every day, but we also anticipate them. By training our eyes to see Godwinks, they become more and more visible to us.

Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: That is a beautiful way to look upon life - by receiving in full the gifts He has for each of us.

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Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: Please share with us how this story carries on from the book to this new Hallmark movie and your role in the creation process of this film?

SQuire Rushnell: Paula and Gery’s true love story as founders of one of the top five inns in America, inspired the charming Hallmark movie “A Godwink Christmas.”

We submitted six Godwink stories to Hallmark and they chose the most romantic one against the beautiful backdrop of Martha’s Vineyard. Every viewer will feel God’s reassurance that if He used Godwinks to “direct the paths” of Paula and Gery ... He’ll do the same for me.

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Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: What was it like filming on set with this incredible cast… Kimberly Sustad, Paul Campbell, Kathie Lee Gifford, Giles Panton, etc... who brought “A Godwink Christmas” to life?

SQuire Rushnell: All the actors were incredible! Kathie Lee was so perfect for the role of Aunt Jane and she lights up the screen with every scene. My favorite scene is #85 in the script when she explains “what’s a Godwink” to Kimberley, who plays Paula with conviction and pathos. Paul portrays Gery magnificently and Giles is the perfect likable-but-distracted kind of guy to be Paula’s first love. We can’t wait for the audience to see the incredible chemistry they have with each other.

Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: Well, they all look incredible, and I know many (myself included!) can't wait to watch!

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Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: Since you now have your own Christmas movie… I must ask, do you have any favorite Christmas Movies that you enjoy watching traditionally every year?

SQuire Rushnell: Hands down … “It’s A Wonderful Life!”

Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: Oh, it doesn't surprise me one bit, SQuire, that you chose this movie... as there are plenty of Godwink moments in George Bailey's life. It truly is such a wonderful, beautiful story... my dearest favorite, as well, and the inspiration behind the title of my web-site, It's a Wonderful Movie! Every time I watch "It's a Wonderful Life," it is always a meaningful reminder of how each of our lives - touches so many others!

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Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: I would be remiss, if I didn’t ask… is there any possibility we might see more “Godwink” stories on our TV screens in the future?

SQuire Rushnell: Well, Hallmark executives did announce this property as the “Godwink Movie Series”! We like the sound of that. Our second Godwink movie outline is under their review right this moment.

Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: That is so exciting, such wonderful news! I'm positive "A Godwink Christmas" will be well-received with viewers, and they'll be asking Hallmark for more... and more!!!

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Net, It's a Wonderful Movie: As families and others gather around to watch your movie, what do you hope viewers will take away from seeing “A Godwink Christmas” on Hallmark this Christmas Season?

SQuire Rushnell: When you discover that, all along, “Someone up there” has been sending you Godwinks … person to person messages, out of seven billion people on the planet … and that by training your eyes to see them, your faith and confidence will expand for everything you do … THAT will be OUR greatest gift this holiday season. From that moment on, you’ll know that you have a built-in GPS, God’s Positioning System. And He’s the Navigator.

On the set of "A Godwink Christmas" - image via: SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt

What a blessing it has been connecting with SQuire and his delightful wife, Louise! I know everyone is so busy this time of year, and I'm grateful for the time SQuire took to share behind-the-scenes info with us on "A Godwink Christmas." The Lord has truly blessed SQuire and Louise with all of these wonderful Godwink stories to tell in all the books they have released, including their newest, Godwink Christmas Stories: Discover the Most Wondrous Gifts of the Season, and it is my absolute joy to share their Hallmark Christmas movie, “A Godwink Christmas,” with all my followers here - over the course of the Christmas Season!

SQuire also shared this endearing message with me at the end of our interview, "May you have an unprecedented holiday season of joy, bursting with Godwinks!" I pray that also for you SQuire, your lovely wife Louise, and all who visit here!

May this movie, "A Godwink Christmas," profoundly touch the lives of many this Christmas season and beyond!

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